I was born on Long Island and other than an interest in photography at a young age I have spent my entire professional life outside of the arts.  I left the world of finance in 2019 and had more time on my hands.  I took some local drawing and painting classes and during 2021 enrolled and completed the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program.  I think of my  photography and painting as modern landscapes, using bold colors, smooth brushstrokes or lines and often a limited palette.  More recently I've been focusing on painting colorful bold landscapes inspired by my photography.  These paintings are simplified and often can be seen as an abstract piece of art. 
Prints of my photography or paintings can be purchased at https://asmall.pixieset.com/
Please reach out to me at andysmallart@gmail.com or 516-835-4645 to discuss availability, sizing, and pricing of any of my paintings as well. 
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