Hovering Seagul

The day the sky turned orange (June 7, 2023)

White Peace Van

Gone Surfin.....

Doodle on the beach-West Hampton

Paddling in the Surf

Smooth Sailing

Sunset Sailing

Catamaran under a pink sky

Catamaran under a very pink sky


Sailing on the bay

Sunset by the bay-East Hampton

Strolling Shepherd

Herron in the Marsh-East Hampton

Feeks Lane 

Martha's Vineyard Lighthouse

Fire Island Lighthouse

Sunset at the Lighthouse-Long Island Sound

Cargo Ship

Tug boat

Into the Surf

Two Surfers

Going Surfing

Ditch Plains Surfer 1

Ditch Plains Surfer 2

Playing in the Surf 1

Going Fishing

Kayaking in the Bay

Coming in for a Landing

Long Beach-Bay Side

Long Beach New York-Looking out over the Ocean

Birds eye view

Long Beach NY-On the Bay

Rottkamp Farm-Old Brookville, NY

Clamming-Oyster Bay Long Island

Life Guard on Duty

Center Island Row Boat

Cold Spring Harbor 

Commercial Fishing Boat

Snowy Owl

Sea Plane

Hitting the Surf

Contemplating the Waves

Let's Sail

Playing in the Surf 2

Solitary Seagull 1

Solitary Seagull 2


Blue Boat 


East Island

Jet Skiing on the Bay

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